About Us

Unlike the other national, large websites in the marketplace, in which you can type in your property address, and get immediate estimate of value, we can take up to 24 hours. The difference is accuracy. The problem with getting an immediate answer through one of the large real estate websites is that the estimated value can vary greatly from the actual value. Yes, you will get immediate satisfaction, but the answer more often than not is flawed, and it can be flawed to a great degree.

The reason for this is that to get an immediate answer to you, these huge national websites use a simple mathematical formula, one that only takes into consideration a limited number of factors that help the formula produce an estimated value.

The formula cannot know what kind of a neighborhood you live in compared to other neighborhoods around you, it can’t understand your floor plan, and it can’t understand at least two dozen other nuances that we take into consideration when we analyze your property.

When we analyze the value of your property, we look at 35 different factors, all of which are very important to the actual value of your property. Once we bring all of the 35 different factors into focus and analysis, only then do we deliver your estimated value.

With over 17 years experience in the Phoenix area in both mortgages and residential real estate we are well-equipped to give you a true and accurate estimate of your home’s value.